The Parish of Lane End is a great place to live!

Set high in The Chilterns it is a cluster of five “ Ends “- Bolter, Cadmore, Lane, Moor and Wheeler. Each has a distinctive character and heritage.

It is a diverse but coherent parish linked not just by road but by a myriad of footpaths, a sense of belonging and a thousand years of history.

It is a vibrant community full of enterprise and endeavour. It would be hard to find a better place in which to work, rest and play.



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Three words best describe Lane End, “Beauty, Energy and Diversity“

Beauty because The Parish sits high in The Chiltern Hills, an area rightly designated as one of “Outstanding Natural Beauty . ”Much of The Parish comprises beautiful commons, lovely woodland and extensive farmland. Within these one finds the five “Ends “each with its own distinctive character.

Energy because the area is literally awash with residents participating in activities almost too numerous to mention. From The Conservation Group to The Twinning Association ;from gardening clubs to youth clubs ;from the renowned Players theatrical group to the line dancing club; from the very popular bridge club to various walking groups. Hardly a day goes by without there being at least one activity on the calendar!

Diversity because Lane End is a great example of a village that combines the old and the new. The buildings and the churches give an idea of the age and history of the village, but its diversity displays all the best aspects of a true village.

Unlike many villages, Lane End has a thriving population. There is a good balance between young and old and this is reflected in the day-to-day life of the village. There is a superb butcher, newsagent, Post Office, chemist, grocer, a small-supermarket and you can find a wide range of pubs and restaurants in the village and nearby. We are lucky enough to have delicious Chinese and Indian restaurants and a great Fish & Chip shop too!

As well as the highly performing Primary School catering to a mix of backgrounds Lane End is one of few villages to boast a resident population of Japanese students, studying at the Lane End Management Centre and we are frequently visited by our French friends from St Pierre.


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